Mobility Walker

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This walker is ideal for children who need additional support learning to walk.

Extra Information

Steered by the child, the walker allows freedom of movement and supports children to walk in an upright position with comfort.


  • A counterweight is installed at the front end of the walker to prevent the walker from tipping or rolling away.
  • Manufactured out of wood for a toy-like style, entertaining kids while encouraging first steps.
  • Front wheels mounted beneath the tray, making it easier to steer.
  • Handles provide grip and comfort for the child to hold on to while pushing and steering.
  • Handle height adjustable to grow with your child.
  • Made from ply wood, cut with precision from CNC router.
  • Australian made and assembled by Solve-TAD volunteers.

Suitable for all ages.

Measurements (mm)
Width 330
Height of Walker 285
Minimum Height of Adjustable Handle 530
Maximum Height of Adjustable Handle 660
Length 420
Tray depth 120



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